Austin Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

With substance use among college students being quite common, it can be isolating and overwhelming to seek sobriety. When addiction problems get out of hand, Alpha 180’s treatment offerings, specifically designed for college students like you, can help you get on the road to recovery.


Get on the Road to Recovery with our Partial Hospitalization Program

Life as a college student can be stressful. Peer pressure adds even more burden for students who may be struggling with substance abuse issues or are early in recovery. According to recent data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 62% of college students used alcohol in the last 30 days. Other illicit substances commonly used among college-age people include prescription amphetamines, cocaine, and other drugs.

What Is Partial Hospitalization Treatment?

Partial Hospitalization Programs offer comprehensive treatment for individuals beginning recovery or transitioning from an inpatient treatment center. Participants receive group and individual therapy as part of a treatment program that meets at least five days per week. While enrolled in partial hospitalization treatment, students may choose to live in Alpha 180’s sober housing or live at home. Students will participate in group therapy sessions, skill-building, educational and recreational activities, and individual therapy. All Alpha 180 clients also have access to our sober clubhouse where they can study, socialize, or attend 12-step meetings.

How Long Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Generally, our partial hospitalization program lasts anywhere from two to four weeks. The length of enrollment can vary based on therapist recommendations and the client’s progress in their recovery. After completing our partial hospitalization program, most participants transition to our Intensive Outpatient Program, which meets less frequently.

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