Transitional  Living

Abstinence-based sober housing for young adult men

In the heart of Austin, Texas, Alpha 180 Transitional Living balances high accountability with sober fun. Residents enjoy immersion in a true sober, collegiate experience based on brotherhood, healthy independence, and attaining goals.

12 Step Meetings

Alpha 180 residents attend 12 Step meetings, work with a sponsor, and participate in service work. The Transitional Living community is overseen by licensed clinical staff, as well as live-in Residential Advisors. Residents are held accountable through random drug screening, daily communal responsibilities, and an emphasis on remaining active.

Prior to taking on a full college course load, some students may work part-time in the Austin community.

What living in Sober Housing is all about

Develop a Sense of Community

In early recovery, it is vital to have a sense of community. While many transitional living homes serve individuals with a wide range of ages and goals, Alpha 180’s sober living environment is specifically for college-age individuals (age 17+) committed to the recovery process, building life skills, and pursuing academics.

By having shared interests and goals, our sober housing for college-age young men in Austin, TX provides a tight knit community and foundation for recovery.

All residents are current or aspiring students, whether completing high school coursework, attending community college or university, or preparing to return to school in the future.

Residents stay active in the local recovery community, as well as participating in expeditions and recreation activities regularly. Read on to learn more about our sober living programs.

Expectations for Sober Housing

Upon arrival, new residents are instantly made to feel at home as they are welcomed by staff and community members. Sober housing standards require maintaining abstinence from all mind- and mood-altering substances, including alcohol. Residents may take approved non-narcotic medications prescribed by a doctor.
Living in communal sober living environments means respecting each other’s space. Sober housing members will maintain the cleanliness of their space daily, while gaining vital life skills, such as cooking and budgeting. In addition to clinical programming, sober housing residents have a weekly accountability meeting where peers can provide feedback to one another in a safe environment.

Residents also have the opportunity to participate in yoga, CrossFit, and other recreational activities regularly.

Who you’ll be
Living With

While residing in our Austin-area sober housing, residents live with both fellow students and live-in resident advisors. Young men will benefit from a shared commitment to sobriety among all the residents while building friendships based on commonality and shared interests.

Members of Alpha 180 sober housing build deep friendships as they navigate recovery together. With opportunities to explore personal fitness, music, or other interests – while pursuing academics – residents truly feel a part of a community that gets them! If you or someone you know is seeking sober living for college-age men (17 years or older) in Austin, TX, give us a call.