Before relocating to Austin, Nico Doorn most recently served as an Outreach Coordinator for Cumberland Heights Treatment Center in Nashville, TN. Simultaneously, he was completing a graduate degree in Human Development Studies at Vanderbilt University where he served as the graduate assistant for Vanderbilt Recovery Support. During his involvement, this Collegiate Recovery Program grew in its reach and offerings receiving local and national attention.

Nico’s addiction treatment experience spans from young adult specific program formulation to ground-up recovery residence development and leadership. He spent the last 3 years serving on the board of the Tennessee Alliance of Recovery Residences, which furthers ethics, standards, and education within the sober living community.

Throughout these experiences, Nico has balanced his career with a full-time course load as a college student while fathering a now 11 year-old-son. A recipient of a collegiate recovery program, Nico began his higher education journey with only a ninth grade education. No longer a student, Nico enjoys spending his free time practicing yoga, trail running, bouldering and hanging out with his wife, son and dog.

Nico on TEDx: