Family Therapy for Recovering Students

When one of your college-age family members is dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the entire family system suffers. Family therapy is crucial for young adults (ages 17+) and their families to find healing.

Our licensed, masters-level family therapists specialize in working with families of college-age young adults. They can assist in helping improve communication and development of healthy coping mechanisms for parents, siblings, and other household members when substance abuse disorder is present.

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a kind of psychological counseling that seeks to provide healing to the family as a whole, rather than a single individual within it. Parents or guardians that are concerned about their child may seek family therapy for education and resources about addiction and treatment. We can provide guidance navigating the initial stages of seeking support.

Family members may initially attend sessions alone, but we believe that healing must involve transparency and honest communication. For this reason, we will encourage participation by the family member that is struggling with addiction or mental health issues. By working together, our team of experienced clinicians can provide resources and guidance through treatment programs to begin the healing process.

Purpose of Family Therapy

The purpose of family therapy is to deepen and repair attachment relationships in the family. Family therapy will help to identify the effects of the college-age person’s substance abuse disorder on the different household members. It also aims to improve the home environment by reducing conflicts related to drug addiction, whether or not the student resides at home.

Family therapy can be combined with individual therapy for family members as well as substance abuse treatment for the affected college-age person. The therapist will employ evidence-based practices to help family members develop healthy coping strategies for improving relationships and handling stress. Therapists can also provide referrals and guidance if the affected young adult needs intervention and treatment.

Goals of Family Therapy

There are multiple goals for family therapy when a college-age member has a substance abuse disorder. The initial goal is to gain a complete picture of the dynamics and key issues within the family unit. The therapist may also guide family members in identifying and communicating healthy boundaries. Another goal of family therapy and addiction treatment is facilitating cohesion and communication between all members. Some additional goals of family therapy include promoting empathy, encouraging problem-solving techniques and reducing conflict within the family.

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