Bridging The Gap


For young adults in recovery, I have noticed an unfortunate, but relatively common pattern: they seek treatment, they begin their recovery journey, they become employed, and then they relapse. I have witnessed this cycle on countless occasions. It is a discouraging and frustrating experience for not only the person in recovery, but also for their loved ones. However, I believe the pattern can change. In my career working as a Case Manager in Higher Education, I have witnessed over and over again how academia has a positive influence on sustained recovery—specifically how it seems to disrupt the aforementioned cycle. When [...]

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Healing Trauma is the Key


Trauma is an unavoidable aspect of human life. Lately, its role in the emotional experience, particularly in how it relates to addiction, is becoming increasingly recognized in the collective awareness. Since trauma is not limited to sexual abuse or violence, but rather any experience that overwhelms the emotional system to the point where it cannot reset appropriately, it is not surprising that our culture’s struggles with addiction are spiraling out of control. Effective addiction treatment necessitates the integration of trauma-sensitive approaches. Treatment modalities such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), somatic experiencing, and psychodrama address the adverse effect trauma [...]

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The Hero’s Journey


Popularized by Joseph Campbell, the Hero’s Journey is a framework said to encapsulate the sequence of a self-discovery. Campbell believed that this cycle was inherent to the human experience and, thus, spanned across time and culture. His system involves aspects such as the “Call to Adventure”, “Arrival of the Helper”, and “Transformation”. At Alpha 180, the students are the hero of their own story of self-discovery. We utilize The Hero’s Journey framework as a model for the recovery process as our students navigate the challenges and temptations of early recovery. Campbell espoused that the human experience involves both “Known” and [...]

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Alpha 180’s Academic Recovery Support Program


  Balancing school and recovery can be tough... Resiliency is not easy as a college student in recovery. Dr. Donald Misch states, “Recovering students feel virtually alone in confronting this college environment awash in alcohol or other drugs. Their sense of alienation from the general campus community is heightened by a conflict of priorities – recovery versus academics – faced by few of their classmates1” (2009). As a result, academic support is imperative for these students trying to find a healthy balance. What is the Academic Recovery Support program? Academic Recovery Support (ARS) is collaborative, individualized case management for students in [...]

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Learning to Parent When Everything is Okay


  This past week, Alpha 180 hosted its first immersive Family Workshop. From all over the country, family members joined their young adult sons for the purpose of stepping into their new roles as recovering individuals. Some tears and many laughs were shared as these parents witnessed their sons, perhaps for the first time, as young men in recovery. At Alpha 180, we seek to restore the developmental trajectory of our clients prior to the disruption their addiction caused. Young adults’ self-esteem is closely linked to achieving age-appropriate milestones like moving out of their parents’ house, going to college, and exploring [...]

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Doing Away with New Year’s Resolutions


  Those less familiar with recovery may be surprised to find out how commonly self-deprecation and addiction coexist. Addiction creates a cycle in which we behave in ways that cause us shame and then use to cover up that shame. Over and over we resolve to do better, but repeatedly fall short. Perhaps to a lesser extreme, everyone can relate to this cycle. New Year’s rolls around and the talk turns to resolutions. Lose weight, drink less caffeine, quit smoking. We see an area in which we are falling short and through an act of willpower plan to change this engrained [...]

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Alpha 180 and Jaywalker join in Houston, TX to serve victims of Hurricane Harvey


By: Michael M. This past weekend, the Alpha 180 brotherhood made a memorable trip to Houston, TX. The trip was comprised of three main events: touring the Museum of Fine Arts, hanging out with the guys from Jaywalker, and volunteering with a disaster relief organization called the St. Bernard Project. The museum was a fantastic chance for the community to walk around together and get to know one another amongst some gorgeous works of art. Then, Jaywalker welcomed Alpha 180 with open arms at their house for a meeting and dinner. Finally, St. Bernard Project, arranged for Alpha 180 and Jaywalker [...]

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Alpha 180 on the radio!


Alpha 180's Executive Director, Nico Doorn and our Clinical Director, Will Crosswell share about how we incorporate a healthy balance of physical, mental and spiritual health into our program. Thank you to Peoples RX Austin's Favorite Pharmacy for hosting us on their "Let's Get Healthy" podcast!  

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Alpha 180 In The News!


  Nico Doorn, Alpha 180 Executive Director, shares about how Alpha 180 is more than just a sober fraternity on Austin's KVUE News. We are a sober social center, offering clinical services, housing, academic support, and sober fellowship events. Entering our second year, we are looking to expand our reach to more aspiring students in recovery! Alpha 180 also held our one year anniversary celebration and it was awesome! One hundred community members came out for Sans Bar and snacks followed by two fantastic speakers. Thank you to Alpha 180 alumnus Liam H. and recovery rock star Lane R. for sharing messages of [...]

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Aligning My Life With My Values


  While I was using substances, there was an inability to live up to the values that I held true to myself. All the damage that I caused in my life was painful, but I believe that the inability to live up to my values was the most painful part of my drug use. I was always this loving kid with a big heart, but my hurt made me gravitate towards substances to help with that pain. When I was using substances, I acted in ways that completely went against what I valued. I believe that recovery has been this process [...]

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