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Keeping Recovery First


It’s quite often said that what you put in front of your recovery, you will lose. In my experience, I have found this to be true. I have seen friends deprioritize recovery and qsedput school, relationships, work, and various other things in front of their recovery. From my experience, I have seen this play out in two different ways. Either it leads to a relapse or the individual recognizes their priorities are out of order and makes the necessary changes to reprioritize their recovery. I understand that keeping your recovery first can be very difficult when you have exams, [...]

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Dream Big: Thriving in Recovery Beyond Abstinence


Finding freedom from my addiction to substances has been one of the most important successes of my life. I am proud of every new day that takes me further from the last time I used. In the rooms, success if most prominently measured by recognizing how long members have been clean. And believe me, earning a new chip or keytag was a (and still is) a huge motivator to remain abstinent. However, in order to stay passionate about recovery, it has had to become more about what I’m running toward than what I’m running from. When I was using, [...]

Dream Big: Thriving in Recovery Beyond Abstinence2018-05-08T19:48:22+00:00