Alpha 180 Expands Academic Services

June 1, 2020

Each student arrives at Alpha 180 with a unique academic history, trajectory, and needed approach for their success. It’s our job to walk alongside them as they navigate back into the classroom safely and sober.

In an effort to provide the highest level of individualized academic specialization, Alpha 180 has partnered with Boutique Educational Services in Austin. Boutique Educational Services are a group of highly experienced Educational Specialists offering one-on-one academic and life skill coaching to students. With a background in the intersection of mental health care and education, a subset of the BES team will be working directly with Alpha 180 students – in addition to our current program – as a collaborative extension of our staff family.

What does this look like?

In addition to the case management Alpha 180 provides all students, each enrollee will be paired with an Educational Specialist. Provided onsite at Alpha 180, students will receive an initial assessment, including academic history, learning style evaluation, and goals identification. The student will work one-on-one with the Educational Specialist regularly to accomplish their personal goals.

What makes this unique?

Many recovery programs offer academic guidance to their clients. However, it’s rare to offer personalized coaching with an educational professional who has a background in direct instruction, advising, learning differences, and the like. Alpha 180’s partnership with Boutique Educational Services gives students the support of an Educational Specialist with the expertise necessary to accommodate their unique needs and accomplish their goals.

What about students finishing high school?

Alpha 180 continues to work with a number of college students. In order to support individuals seeking to obtain their high school degree or equivalency, we now offer three excellent options:

  • University High School – Day school for students in recovery located just three blocks from Alpha 180.
  • Online High School – Offered in-house at Alpha 180 through the University of Nebraska and supported with one-on-one direction from our Educational Specialists.
  • Individualized High School – Educational Specialists can accommodate distance learning, GED preparation, and other educational plans, based on need.

We are very excited about this enhancement to our program! Lauren Bajwa, owner and founder of Boutique Educational Services shares, “We are honored to partner with Alpha 180 in support of students. Our teachers believe wholeheartedly in the Alpha 180 mission and stand ready to be of service.”
This evolution comes just in time for students seeking a sober, virtual solution to continue their academics this Summer and Fall.

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