What Academic Recovery Services Do We Offer?

The Academic Recovery Support (ARS) Program adapts to the most prevalent goals for a student at each point of their recovery. Many students require life skills or employment assistance prior to enrollment in school. We seek to help students build confidence by succeeding in appropriate goals at each stage of their process.

Support Areas:

1. Academics (assignment completion, study skills, note-taking methods)

2. Executive Functioning (scheduling, time management, prioritization)

3. Employment (resume writing, interview skills, job sourcing)

4. Emotional Regulation (stress management, school anxiety)

5. Learning Styles (process organization, academic accommodations, skill-building)

6. Learning Differences (process, social, or learning disorder support)

7. Life Skills (budgeting, appointments, personal care, physical health)

Do you need to be a currently enrolled student?

No. Most participants joining Alpha 180 are newly sober and planning a return to school. We develop an individualized timeline and guide students as they prepare to enroll. We also work with students that are currently enrolled, whether in a university or community college setting.

We also offer a high school completion track!

What About Virtual and Distance Learning Due to COVID-19?

Alpha 180 is uniquely positioned to support students with a variety of academic circumstances. Our Clubhouse offers designated study space and onsite staff to support students enrolled in school virtually. Our Educational Specialists are experienced in communicating with academic institutions and can help students transition to virtual learning through their current school or by transferring locally.


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